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We want to help you find true love, by showing you how to unlock the best version of yourself. By embarking on our year-long journey, you get access to quality prospects and intimate matches, as well as the tools necessary for navigating the dating world. We cannot promise that you will find the ‘love of your life’ through our platform but we can guarantee emotional confidence and intimate connection when going on dates with our database matches.

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THE             PACKAGE




Exclusive access to all inclusive dating consultation, unique vacation experiences, vetted matches and an overall stress-free dating process. 

WHAT'S INCLUDED:(not Limited to)


Consultation Needed
Base fee- consultation needed

  • Consultation (3 steps)

  • POSH Image Consultation 

  • Background Check

  • Vetted matches 

  • POSH Private Event Exclusives 

  • POSH Consulting Services Exclusives 

  • POSH Singles Event Exclusives 

  • Exclusive during POSH Mixers

  • Exclusive Invites to POSH Singles Vacation 

  • Exclusive Discounts for Activivties during POSH Vacations

  • 4 Complementary 30 Min POSH Wig man/Woman Calls 

  • Mid Year Checkin Call & Report


Everything else is customized to fit each Clients specific needs

*Ela Take on 5-10 clients per year only 

Our high quality client package is curated to keep your dating experiences, matches of quality. Here you gain close consultation services, a personal image makeover, coaching, exclusive dating experiences and many more…




Sometimes, all it takes is a fresh new appearance to attract new matches. At PoshAlliance, Ela and her team of brand experts collaborate to improve your looks, communication skills, as well as behavior during dates and after casual meet ups.


Our consultation calls are designed to get the best out of your dates. Think of us as your wingman/woman. Basically, you have a personal call with Ela, who vigorously prepares you for an upcoming date. During this session, Ela will run you through your plans, appearance, covering all angles of potential communication. You may also text Ela during a date if your nerves start to kick in.


Ela provides a three-step self-evaluation service that helps you analyze your contribution in failed relationships. With this service, you can shed off bad habits that sabotage your capacity to love a partner; and find true happiness within in the process.


Did the person you went on a date with ghost you afterwards? This can happen due to many reasons. We sit down with you and analyze details of your date, giving you an idea of how to move forward and avoid similar mistakes on the next date.


The nervousness of going on a date with a new person can be stifling. We organize blind dates, set up by Ela and her team, to help you practice before going on a date with a new match. Our goal is to review mock dates and ensure you are 100% ready for the real thing.


Dates are only successful when you plan for them. Ela provides a detailed, customized plan which will serve as a blueprint for you to achieve successful dates with matches. This plan outline includes:

  • Basic Image consulting 

  • Self Evaluation

  • 2 mock dates

(1 with Matchmaker & 1 with a blind date)

  • 2 Date Evaluations

  • Social Media revamp


Break-ups are heart-wrenching and can leave you in utter frustration and despair. Ela and her team will help you get over heartbreaks, ensuring you are in the right frame of mind to let the relationship go. With Ela’s keen insights on the dating scene, you will feel much better about yourself in next to no time.



Never underestimate the power of social media. We will have a look at your current social profiles and analyze what needs to be added or changed. Your social media pages should reflect your personality; we help you leave an impression of the internet which increases your chances of meeting high value people.