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At The Posh Alliance, we cater to the love life of the busy, successful urban man in today’s world. Founded by top matchmaker, Ela The Matchmaker, our agency represents athletes, corporate businessmen, politicians, entrepreneurs and many more amazing working-class men in a variety of demanding professions.

 We typically work with clients aged 30-45; people who are serious about finding a true love partner, but do not have the time to take the cold approach. We understand that a career can get in the way of finding quality relationship prospects and can even make it harder to maintain meaningful emotional connection.

We want to help. Our clients work too hard to achieve individual milestones; why shouldn’t they deserve some love? If you are one of such busy professionals, willing to commit to the dating process, a little financial investment can go a long way in helping you find the perfect match.  With Ela’s full time commitment to serving clients, we can set you up with partners who share your values and goals, fast!

For now, Ela and her team only works with 5 to 10 clients per year. This gives our agency the capacity to focus on each client’s specific needs. Ela is a personable matchmaker—one of the best in the business. She is ready to learn all about you, your values, strengths, shortcomings, goals as well as what you truly desire and need in a romantic partner.

To begin, our clients and members undergo detailed interviews and basic background checks which ensure privacy and safety of everyone involved.

Ela currently accepts clients from CHICAGO, DMV (DC, MD & VA), NEW YORK, HOUSTON AND ATLANTA.

*Living elsewhere; not to worry, we will consider you if Ela considers you a great fit for our services.

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Explore a range of partners that share your goals and values

Elevate your image and become a more desirable partner for others

Receive quality dating advice from Ela, a professional singles consultant 

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Who are You?

Fill out this form & tell us more about you.


What do You want & like?

After you sign up, an in-person or virtual consultation is scheduled to help us learn more about you and your dating history; especially on how Ela can help you reach your dating and relationship goals.


We take Your stress away

Once you’ve become a client, we begin recruitment and search for potential matches using our database & extensive network of singles. Afterwards, Ela vets and selects your matches based on information you provided.


We Know what you like !

Once you confirm the interest of our selected matches, we begin planning your first dates. We achieve this by reviewing your schedule and working within your location of interest.


How'd we do?

We value your feedback, especially after a date. We also want to know your overall experience with our agency; your feedback lets us better serve you by highlighting your likes and dislikes needed for matching you with the ideal person.




It was six years since my last serious relationship. As a successful business owner and not a very social person, I find it difficult to make meaningful connections. I tried online dating but that has not worked for me. I relocated to Chicago about three months ago and a friend suggested Posh. I scheduled a meeting with Ela. She took the time to find out things about me, she coached me and through one of her great events and some very thoughtfully planned matching provided me a very natural environment to meet Samantha. Samantha is intelligent, witty, charming and beautiful and needles to say very quickly becoming my next best friend and companion in Love. Thanks Ela, you and Posh team are the best!

- Calvin W.

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